Random strings and vinyl record top corner

Hi-Res MUSIC Download Availability Announcement

Cover art for the Consequence of Engineered Consent

The Consequence of Engineered Consent is available worldwide to order as a 24bit 96k high-resolution downloadable audio file, curated with narrow and wide band dithering and frequency dependent noise shaping.

While we release music through a variety of channels to reach an audience with diverse preferences and devices, our preferred distribution specification at Random String Records remains high-resolution music, as defined by RIAA, DEG and the Recording Academcy's Hi-Res MUSIC standard [1], suitable for the highest quality digital recordings and downloadable for use on a verifiable stereo sound stage.

Read about how we master audio files that provide high-resolution music on our Release Codes page.

Order your Hi-Res MUSIC download of The Consequence of Engineered Consent here.

You can preview The Consequence of Engineered Consent in a low(er) resolution, "lossy" streaming format on Youtube before you pay for your download.


1. Hi-Res MUSIC Logo Widely Adopted As Official Measure of Highest Quality Digital Recordings